We moved our educational section to bcahelper.com . Now this site only dedicated to blogger, mostly for beginner. Hope all trick and tips submitted here will help you lot.

Thanks Arafat


We are moving on BCAHELPER.COM

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We are moving on bcahelper.com .Thanks for your excellent response which help me to create more professional site now. Though this not means this site going to be down. We will produce helpful topic here and will aim to produce only IGNOU BCA Syllabus related topic on our new site. The site is on beta phase, so you can't get your every answer but I try to produce all answer as much as possible for me.

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Arafat Hossain Piyada


Advertise here

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Template Change

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You may look, I just change the template to make it more professional. What you think about it. Isn't it good? I actually trying to monetize this blog now. I have to pay my bill dude.

Thank you.