This is not rich in one night thing. You have to work hard to do it. Today I am going to reveal the secret of earning money with out investing a single penny. This is not email reading or click on ad. This is natural, scientific, more realistic plan. You know very well how google increasing there business. The more they grow, the more you earn. All you need to get your AdSense account. For that you have to have a website. There are both two way to get it, one is free and other is paid. So, what you choose. I think it will be better not to invest to much now. So, we will go with free one right. So, our plan is set.

Now, the next step, what will be the type of our site will be. Is it going to be a forum, blog, CMS? what? If you going to work alone or with 2 or 3 friend then it is better to go with blog. It is easy to get and work too. So, we decide we will go with blog. Now there are several site which will allow you to make a free blog. You can make a google search with " create free blog". So, you have many choice in your hand now. Which one going to be the better to get the AdSense account fast? I think that will be . The site is a sister site of google and automatically index, crawl whole site. And that's why this is better. Most importantly blogger have AdSense gadget by which you can apply and get a free account instantly, though there will be only public serving ad till your site approval. But your blog name should be alias of your thought. If you thinking about game site, then your site name must be something about game.

Now, we have a site. Choose a template which will match with your site type. Like, if you choose an article or news type site then your template should look simple, if your site about entertainment, then it should be colorful. Hope you understand what I'm saying.

Now the most important thing is content. You should make a habit to create your own content. The more the content is different, the presentation is different, the more user attract. Your site should not an information board of bunch of thing. Your site should generate specific type of article, so the user will know exactly what are you doing, don't confuse them with lot of topic.

Now, you have a healthy ratio of content. So what are you waiting for apply for AdSense via AdSense gadget of blogger. We will discuss about advertising to get more traffic other day.


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