In the course of my short blogging journey, I have only lately discovered the importance and excitement of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I didn't care about SEO then as I was more concerned with writing and expressing myself through my blog. But, as my blogging evolved, I found out the importance of SERP indexing, traffic and earnings (not necessarily in that order). I also discovered one indispensable SEO tool to achieve all that - social bookmarking. It is a powerful tool in promoting a website. It helps you get a lot of backlinks, increase your traffic and get indexed by the search engines in a matter of minutes. Best of all, it's free!

However, the process is not without its 'faults'. Social bookmark submission is a tedious process, entailing a boring routine of typing the same redundant tags, descriptions, post titles
and URLs for each and every bookmarking service. This is probably one reason why many bloggers shun the process. However, I have discovered a service that makes social bookmarking submission automatic! Yup, you read it right. You just have to enter the needed information once (tags and description), and with one click of the mouse your post is submitted to sixteen (16) bookmarking services automatically! Isn't that great?
OnlyWire submits your bookmarks to the following bookmarking services easily:

* Backflip
* Bibsonomy
* Blinklist
* Blue Dot
* Diigo
* Furl
* linkatopia
* Linkroll
* ma.gnolia
* Rawsugar
* Simpy
* Spurl
* unalog
* Wink

All you have to do is register an account with these social bookmarking services, encode your registered usernames and passwords with OnlyWire and you're ready to go. Your bookmarks will be submitted to 16 different social sites in a matter of minutes!

A word of caution though. Please don't abuse the system. Don't try to outsmart the process by opening multiple accounts to get multiple links for your blog. And also, don't submit all your posts to the system, just the ones you want indexed. Doing so will set alarm bells in the social bookmarking sites which may result to your site being tagged as a spam blog. Believe me, I have experienced it. Linkatopia has sent me a warning that I have wisely heeded. However, it may have been too late for my site is now banned from that site. I also noticed that some pages that used to be indexed on Google and Yahoo have disappeared. This may be a result of the spam tag Linkatopia gave my blog.

I have now stopped submitting, temporarily. I shouldn't have abused the system. I still recommend OnlyWire, just don't abuse it. Submit posts once or twice a week, at most. My other blog is still enjoying its benefits.


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