How to make money blogging is a common question for those who want to monetize their blog. There are so many ways to do this. So many blog whiz provides free information on how to make money blogging nowadays. Here is the list of money making ops that you can choose:

1. Google ads
- Please don’t motivate others, click the ads on your own ads or exchange clicks. It might get the account banned from the network. There are many similar service providers but none as big and huge network as Google ads.

2. Paid posts (make sure nofollow, or else you will lose page rank)
- So far only socialspark tag along nofollow rules on paid post links. PayPerpost strict on dofollow links. However, there are other paid post networks which let the customers choose between dofollow or don’t bother about dofollow. I tried BuyBlogReviews, SponsoredReviews and Bloggerwave for nofollow paid posts and it works.

3. Text link ads - Private / Other service providers (nofollow)
There are many text link ads service providers available in the market but the fees is very high. Some even charging between 40 – 50%. Personally, I feel it is better to sell it privately to the visitors.Otherwise, you could try any other text link ads with nofollow and cheaper fees. For me, Scratchback is one of the cheapest, but only drawback is we need to wait until min $25 to withdraw.

4. 125×125 ad spot - Private / Other service providers (nofollow)
125×125 pixel ad spot becomes more famous these days. Most of the blog templates comes with ad spots of 125×125 nowadays. There are a few advertising networks provides 125×125 ad spots with higher fees. Personally, I want to sell it privately. It is up to the blogger’s decision.

5. Affiliate sales – Choose the paying affiliates
Affiliate income could be the largest income revenue in blogging industry if we really utilize it. Try to advertise affiliate links on domain, hosting, paid post networks, etc and get money from your visitor’s activity from this affiliate links.

6. Matched - Unique Earning method
You need to register your blog with Matched and can provide up to 5 posts link to advertise. There will be a small box advertisement running at the footer of this post if got any approved ads. Remember, each approved ads will earn us GBP$8.00. That is about US$12 - US$15 based on exchange rate.

Here are only a few guidelines on how to make money blogging from my point of view. If you have any additional ways, please share.