Some of my friend ask me today how to start blogging? There may be a good fellow list that have same question. So, I decide to make a small tutorial about blogging using Blogger. I am writing a point wish note about blogging.

1. You must have a Gmail account.
2. Go to home page.

3. You will see the steps. You have to log in first using your gmail account.
4. Click on "CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW" button.
5. Follow the steps.[Tips: Always use a meaning full name related to your blog subject][Tips: Always choose template which best describe your blog. If your articles are look like resource then a simple template will be ok but if your subject is related to reviewing movies,new album then a colorful template will describe more]

6. Now go to setting section. There is not much thing to describe about as every thing is self descriptive. If you know English, you can easily understand what to do. Only one thing may be new for you and not understandable too; this is "Site Feed". Site feed help you to promote your site with your xml version.

7. So, go to and register an account. You have to put your site feed address there first. Your default feed address is change yourname with your site name. You will get a feed burner link on your site there.

8. You should put the feed burner link on "Post feed redirect option". There is lot of option in ; you can discover it your self. I will discuss it other day.

9. Now the basic thing is completed. Now start do something with template to make it more helpful.

10. When you click on template you will see a screen like following. You can see an "Add a Gadget" option. Just click on it and you will see lot of useful gadget, choose the one which best sweet able for you site.

11. I suggest the best gadget for your site will be Adsense gadget. Add it by clicking on '+' sign and apply for an adsense account if you don't have any. Just follow the steps, it's simple. Google prior request made from Don't forget to check the email Inbox which you use after completing.

12. Now the basic thing's are done. Start posting. I will discuss about posting and it's feature other day. In the mean time if you face some problem try to make a google search.

[Tips: Unique article get more traffic. You should advertise your blog my submitting RSS. I will discuss about Blog submission other day].


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