If you want to create your own screensaver, you must have a screensaver maker software. There is lots of screensaver maker software outthere : Axialis Screensaver Producer, Ace Pro Screensaver Creator, Easy Screensaver Studio and many more … But as always … We try to found information about free screensaver creator, and finally we found InstantStorm. Yeah … this is free software, and you know ? this software build by two young programmers 18 years old from Czech Republic : Jan Kola?ík and Ond?ej Vaverka. Thanks to them :).

The main features of InstantStorm :

  • 100% free for all purposes: non-commercial and even commercial with unlimited redistribution
  • Screensaver scale options
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG designers for your screensaver’s installer, uninstaller and settings dialog
  • Wizard mode for beginners
  • Interactive screensavers support
  • Customizable screensaver icon file
  • Ability to create screensaver desktop and Start menu shortcuts
  • External files support (when your SWF file requires external files like TXT or AS, InstantStorm allows you to include them)
Download Free Screensaver Creator - InstantStorm


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