Many people want to earn money with forum posting. There are several in the list. I here listed 6 of them with small review.

HostBidder: A nice site with lot of reputation. Online nearly 2 years and still don't produce any complain on there service. The minimum payout is $15. You can earn 1 to 10 point for each post. You can exchange 2000 point with $15.

MakeMoneyKingdom : This is a growing forum which paid 3cent for post and 4cent for new thread. $7 minimum payout. Also have referral earning.

MortgaGefit : The minimum payout is $10. You can earn money by posting on forum, submitting a new story or sharing a finance video.

CreditMagic : $50 minimum payout. You can earn point through forum posting. 1point=1cent.

Webmasters-Forums : You can make money just for posting on this forum. Every discussions on this community gives you more money. $2 minimum payout. 2$ for 500 Points.

MkpitStop : $10 minimum payout. Pay you for each character in forum.


  1. AS Sodhi // November 24, 2008 at 11:45 PM  

    LOL.. You forgot to Add Digital Point Forums. This is the main forum for All Webmaster. BTW In Which Year of BCA you are. I have few Questions...