Paid forum posting is currently one of my favorite ways to earn money online. The concept is very simple. There are new forums opening every day, and webmasters need some help to get them going, or perhaps they want to add some life to an already existing forum, so they hire paid posters. As a paid poster, you will register at the forum and post threads and reply to threads, as you normally would do at a forum, and you get paid for each post.

You can contact webmasters and ask them whether they need help boosting their forum, or you can register with a forum boosting company that hires writers and does all the searching work for them. I prefer the latter. Most of these places pay 10-15 cents per post, which I think is acceptable. The work is easy, especially if you get a forum dedicated to a subject you are familiar with. Writing a 15-25 word post will not take long.

I will continue to discuss this money making opportunity in this blog, telling you more about specific paid to post companies and what you need to become a paid poster, so stay tuned. I will post some site link in my next article.