The fact is that one of my blogs has achieved almost 1.5 million hits and you really cannot argue with that kind of web traffic. Clearly there must be something that I have done right.

It is really very simple and virtually anybody can do it.

You need to start by carefully researching a few important keyword phrases before you write your promotional article or blog post. You need to establish how many web hits the keyword phrase you are interested in has been generating on a daily basis. This is important and to be able to do this you will need to find a free online keyword tool that will give you this information. In my site I discuss further about how to find this vital tool for success in getting web hits.

The second thing you need to do is post your promotional article in article directories that will get you traffic and plenty of web hits. The truth is that 99 per cent of the article directories out there are not worth your effort posting articles in them. I only post to two article directories and not only do I get loads of traffic from the two sites but each has a distinct strength and both combine to make my article marketing very effective indeed.

Posting in these two article directories that I usually use is a very important step because it helps me achieve two very important objectives. Firstly it helps me create a buzz and attract attention to my articles and blog. Secondly the articles tend to be picked up a lot and are then re-posted all over the web complete with the links pointing right back to my blog. So what happens is that a kind of viral marketing effect kicks in.


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