Writing articles is by far the most effective way to generate tons of traffic to your site. However too many people fail when they try to use free articles to promote their sites. The number one reason for that has to be the fact that too many folks give up before they have learnt enough about article marketing and how it works.

There is a technique that you can use to generate a million hits by writing a single article which I discuss in another set of articles. However using ordinary articles, let nobody fool you into believing that you that you can succeed without the necessary volumes of articles. It just cannot be done. In fact while we have people who are making extremely high incomes from their sites using article marketing, we have many others who will tell you that it just doesn’t work. Simple because they wrote a dozen articles and when the traffic did not come, they made their sweeping conclusions.

Using ordinary promotional articles, you actually require a minimum of about 800 articles to make a significant impact (free plr articles can easily help you get there but that is a discussion for another day). In fact you will hardly be able to gauge and estimate the potential of articles for your site without posting a bear minimum of 100 articles out there in leading article directories.

I can see you seated there feeling very discouraged after the news that I have just broken. Please don’t start getting discouraged. Getting 1,000 articles out there with valuable links pointing to your site is much easier than you ever imagined if you know how. You do not even need to worry if you hardly have the budget to pay anybody to do the articles for you. Using the few simple little know tricks I am about to reveal, you will be amazed at how quickly you manage to accumulate quality articles that will generate amazing amounts of traffic to your site.

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